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Radhe Shyam Pandit

When Radhe is not studying for his Bachelors of Business Administration, he can be found riding his bicycle around town as a salesman. After testing a Portal Cargo Bike, he immediately knew that it was perfect for his line of work. “This bicycle is the best and most important tool for working people like me. We can go everywhere we want to, even in small alleyways,” Radhe explained.  “You don’t have to go abroad to be a happy person. If you work hard enough, there are plenty of opportunities in my country of Nepal.”

Radhe plans to continue this career path as long as possible. He believes that bicycles can bring positive changes to his life, his business, and more. With a work ethic and positive attitude like his, we know that life has some great things in store for Radhe.


Dhurba Tikathari

Dhurba is a man of many talents. Not only is he a salesman, but he also is a cook and a welder! This hard-working family man has two sons, an eight year old and a four year old, who are studying in a local school. When his kids are at school, Dhurba works in the market as a salesman. He is thankful for being provided with a good quality cargo bicycle. He told us that bicycles are great for everything...and that they can even help prevent heart failure! How great is that!

New to the city, Dhurba is happy that his bicycle is making his life healthier and happier. As he and his family settles in the big city, we wish them all the best.


Jitendra Maharjan

Jitendra has been delivering gas for 15 years. And since he is only 32 years old, this means he has been in this profession for nearly half his life! After many years of using a normal bicycle for work, his transition to a cargo bike was quite a new experience. He told us that he now realizes that he is able to save lots of time with his cargo bike. It is comfortable to ride and it helps him with not only his deliveries, but with other day-to-day tasks as well. Jitendra now admits how he has fallen in love with his cargo bike!


Kalyan Giri

Kalyan is a husband and a father of two who enjoys working with a bicycle. He believes that his Portal Bike is more than just a means of transportation, but it is also a tool that benefits his work and his family. Having been a bike mechanic once, Kalyan understands how awesome they are. He told us that whether it is for a small company or a big company, a bicycle is a great way to launch a new business. Kalyan is not only is a salesman, but he is also a bicycle advocate who hopes to encourage other people to start utilizing bicycles in their own lives.


Man Bahadur Chaudhary

Meet Man Bahadur, a proud father of one. Man Bahadur arrived in Kathmandu five months ago and started working in a metal shop. Shortly thereafter, he changed his career and stated delivering potato cracker snacks. He loves his Portal Bike because it is comfortable and is easy to ride with its seven gears. He is very happy that he has a bicycle that can carry a big load and that can help support his family.



At 54 years old, Ekadev is as active and hard working as ever. Kathmandu was a very different place when he moved here 27 years ago. Since then, he has worked a number of different jobs before finding his niche as a salesman. Although his children are grown and are pursuing their own careers, he is yet to slow down. In fact, he is on his 13th year riding a bicycle! Since upgrading to a cargo bicycle, he has freed more time and has earned more income. Customers are happy that Ekadev reaches them quickly and Ekadev is happy that he no longer has to make double trips. He hopes to work for 4-5 more years before retiring. We are happy to help him spend his remaining working years on the comfort of a Portal Bike.


Govinda Mishra

Govinda is a proud father of an 11-year old daughter and a 4-year old son. For the past 12 years, he has been supporting his family through his work as a delivery man. His cargo bike plays a central role in his work and his life, not only by making deliveries, but also by helping support his family’s health and education. For nine hours each day, Govinda can be found on his cargo bike--making more deliveries and selling more product in a single day. We are extremely proud to see his progress.

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Sajan Dhottel

Sajan is proud to be the first person in his entire company to receive and use a cargo bike. He is a former shopkeeper turned delivery salesman and has quickly learned the benefits that a bicycle has over a motorbike. Since he left his motorbike behind he no longer has to worry about traffic fines, parking hassles, fuel shortages, and excess expenses. He now uses his cargo bike to make deliveries, to commute around town, and to help transport his family. His goal is to someday start a business with his wife. We cannot wait to see him make his dreams a reality.


Rakesh Kharbuja

Sweets, chocolates, potato chips--these are just a few of the snacks that Rakesh carries on his new Portal Cargo Bike. Rakesh knows very well how a bicycle can bring value to his business. He told us that his cargo bike will not only help grow his clientele and drive sales, but it will also help him stay fit and healthy. Inspired by his favorite motto, “time is money”, Rakesh can be found every day in the market selling his products. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to reach more customers and to travel further with his new cargo bike.


Bijaya Kumar Shah

After a two year stint working as a shopkeeper in Saudi Arabia, Bijaya is grateful to finally be back home in Nepal. His time abroad taught him the value of hard work and the importance of saving money, all so that he can provide a good education and good healthcare for his family. Bijaya is one of the main salesmen in his company and has been using a Portal Bike for over three months. He believes in the transformative power of a bicycle. He said, “I have seen people who work using bicycles and have been able to save enough to buy land and a house in Kathmandu. This is truly inspiring for me!”


The early ADOPTERS

Bharat Koirala

Salesman who uses his Portal Bicycle to carry goods such as sanitary and household supplies across Kathmandu to his clients. 

Bikram Rai

Owns a busy tea and momo shop and uses his cargo bike to transport necessary items such as water, vegetables and gas canisters.

Bishnu Gurung

Electrician who uses his Portal Bicycle to get himself and his equipment to job locations across the Patan area, Kathmandu.


Rajan Yonjan

Owns a plant nursery and delivers the beautiful flowers and shrubs he sells to nearby homeowners with the cargo bike. 

Umesh Ghimire

House painter who uses his Portal Bicycle to carry heavy buckets of paint and equipment between his house and jobs in the city.

Sankhar Lama

Buys wholesale loads of potato chips and uses his Portal Bicycle to take them to various shops and vendors to be sold locally.





Business >> Portal Cargo Bikes adapt to many business needs from carrying cargo to washing clothes. With a Portal Bike, people can generate an income and overcome poverty.

In Practice >> A person collects laundry on their cargo bike and washes it in a pedal - powered washing machine.

Education >> Portal Cargo Bikes can transport students to schools and teachers to students. When people are educated, the cycle of poverty becomes a lot less cyclical.  

In Practice >> Mobile libraries carried on the back of cargo bikes are taken village to village every month.

Healthcare >> Portal Cargo Bikes can transport people to clinics and transport clinics to people. When people are healthy, they can attend school, work, and start businesses.  

In Practice >> Polio vaccinations are kept in coolers transported with cargo bikes to remote villages. 



Join us as we transform lives around the world!

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