Sankhar Lama

Chips salesman and distributor

Sankhar Lama is a chips salesman and distributor who's worked for Super Shree Potato chips for over seven years. The potato chips are all produced within Kathmandu and come in both masala and plain flavors. They're a staple snack that can be found all over Nepal and believe us - they're delicious. 

The chips are typically sold to consumers at small, family-run corner shops. Every day, using his Portal Bike, Sankhar delivers his wares to 40-50 of these shops. Sankhar's bike is undoubtedly the most visually arresting of any of our entrepreneurs thus far. It's incredible to watch him breezily bike past with piles and piles of chips stacked behind him. 

every morning, sankhar arrives at the chips factory bright and early to help package the chips and prepare them to be loaded onto his portal bike.

thanks to the unique portal bike design and a little ingenuity, sankhar is able to carry over 450 packets of potato chips on his bike every single day.

Sankhar decided to purchase a Portal Bike after seeing and hearing about it from people around town. Before purchasing the bike using a micro-credit loan, he was using the type of bike more typical of Kathmandu. It couldn't carry nearly as many chips and it was also unwieldy, difficult to pedal uphill, and unsafe. 

Since getting the Portal Bike, Sankhar has reported that his productivity and income has increased, he can do his work more easily, and he's more mobile than he ever was before. 


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I have been using the Portal Bike for 9 months. It is spacious and I can carry many potato chips. I am able to meet the demands of the market.
— Sankhar Lama
My business is growing and my income has increased since using the Portal Bike.
— Sankhar Lama

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