Rajan Yonjan

owner of "Hamro Flower Garden"

Rajan Yonjan has owned Hamro Flower Garden (which translates as "Our Flower Garden") for the past nine years. Located not far from the busy Jawalakhel Chowk, the nursery is home to hundreds of beautiful flowers, bushes, sapling trees and other plants. After a customer visits the nursery to view and choose the plants they desire, Mr. Yonjan delivers the order directly directly to their house. If required, he and his team also provide garden design and maintenance services.


Mr. Yonjan has also managed to provide employment opportunities to individuals in his neighborhood. He has arranged peddlers to take flowers from door to door making sales to homes around the district. The peddlers earn commission per plant sold, and Rajan makes more sales overall.

Most of rajan's flowers come from eastern nepal and india. he ships them to kathmandu as seedlings and nurtures them until ready for sale.

on a slow day, Rajan sells and delivers about 25 plants and flowers, but on normal days this figure can climb to above 60!

For the decade prior to owning his own business, Rajan Yonjan lived just around the corner and worked for a large gardening company. Through this time, he learned how to nurture and grow various types of plants and flowers, giving him a vast knowledge base with which to manage his own nursery. Through this work, he also got to know many families in the area with an appreciation for nice garden areas on their property. These families became his first client pool, from which the business took off.


As can be expected, Mr. Yonjan is incredibly proud of his business and the fact that he has earned the right to be his own boss. He enjoys the freedom of being in control of his own work-space, business action and working hours.  

Like many individuals in Kathmandu, Mr. Yonjan used to ride an Indian-style bicycle to carry plants and flowers from his nursery to customers' gardens around the neighborhood.

 With The Indian bicycle it was incredibly difficult to transport multiple items at once without risking damaging the plant. large potted shrubs were out of the question!  

With about 60 deliveries to be made daily, the Portal Bicycle will undoubtedly save Mr. Yonjan a huge amount of time. The cargo bike will immediately increase carrying capacity from a maximum of seven plants at once to over twelve. Customers will receive their orders more quickly and Rajan will be able to take on more clients overall. 


PORTAL BICYCLE >> liberates time >> enables growth

Since getting the Portal Bicycle, many people who see me riding around ask me why I have a new bike.

I say that it helps me to carry flowers and save time.

But it also gives me and my business a good image. It helps me to look professional.
— Rajan Yonjan

Give a bicycle, give choice