Q: Where are you located?

A: click the map below



Q: How much does a shelter cost? 

A: Each shelter kit costs 11,000 rupee.


Q: What is included in the 11,000 rupee cost of a shelter kit?

A: Each shelter kit includes: 8 anchor rods, 4 arched pipes, 9 metal roofing pieces, and 8 metal wires to tie shelter down. You will have to build your own shelter with these supplies.


Q: Can you train us for free?

A: Yes. You can watch the video below or we will train you at 8:00 am the day you come to pick up your shelters.  Bring 2 of your best volunteers / employees.  


Q: Do you deliver?

A: No. You will need to pay for a delivery truck to pick up your shelter kits. We recommend a Mahindra Mini Truck with a 6' x 10' bed.


Q: How much is the cost to transport our shelters?

A: A delivery truck can be hired to deliver your shelters.  The rates vary and our customers have been paying 6k to Banepa, 12k to Sindhupalchowk (SP?) and 14,000 to Dhading. 


Q: How many shelter kits can fit inside a truck?

A: An average delivery truck can hold 25 shelters in one load.



Q: What tools do I need?

A: 1 hammer or heavy object, 1 tin cutter, 1 pair of pliers, 1 measuring tape, 1 thin pipe or bar, and gloves (optional). You can also buy our toolkit to which includes all equipment needed to build your shelter (2000 rupees).



Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: Transportation: You are responsible to pay for the transportation expenses for delivering your shelters. You can also buy our toolkit which includes all equipment needed to build your shelter (2000 rupees).



Q: What is included in a toolkit?

A: One toolkit includes everything you need to complete your shelter: 2 pliers, 2 wire cutters, 1 measuring wire, 1 bending pipe, 12 pairs of gloves, 



Q: How can I build a shelter without your help?

A: You can find start to finish instructions on how to build shelters on your own here



Q: How do I build a shelter after I have all my supplies?

A: You can find instructions on how to build your shelter here



Q: How do I build a pipe bender?

A: You can find start to finish instructions on how to build shelters on your own here



Q: How is it strengthened against wind load?

A: We have had no reported problems with wind. The shelter’s rounded design helps to prevent issues with strong winds and end- walls strengthen the shelter from side-to-side forces.



Q: Will the ground become wet if the water level around the shelter increases?

A: Yes, this is likely. We recommend shelter owners place brick or other flooring to raise the level of the shelter floor. Alternatively, owners can dig small trenches outside the shelter to direct water away from the shelter.



Q: How much does one shelter kit weigh?

A: 79kg or 174 lb



Q: Are the shelters going to be too hot in summer?

A: We recommend that shelter owners maintain adequate ventilation to keep the shelters cool.  We find them to be much cooler than standing in the direct sun or a tent. 



Q: What about lighting and ventilation arrangements? 

A: Both are up to shelter owners. While some shelter owners build windows into sidewalls, others leave cracks in their bamboo end walls.



Q: How can I contact you

A: email us. Info@portalbikes.org



Q: Can you come to our village and give us shelters?

A: Unfortunately, we are too busy at this time to visit individual villages.  However, we are happy to meet you at our facility to answer questions and provide training.



Q: How habitable is the shelter is hot summer or cold winter ?

A: Compared to a tent or tarp, the shelter is quite habitable.  However, it must be kept in mind that these are transitional structures and are not intended as a permanent housing solution.



Q: Will it cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning if a wooden heater is used inside the closed shelter, especially during winter ?

A: Adequate ventilation is neccesary.  Most people in remote areas have been cooking inside their homes for years and understand how to ventilate their homes safely.